SXG and Cultural Awareness Smoking Ceremony with Taungurung Land & Waters Council


Southern Cross Gold is committed to developing and maintaining relationships of mutual understanding and respect with the indigenous peoples of the areas in which the Company operates”

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Taungurung Land & Waters Council


The Taungurung Land & Water Council (TLaWC) is the corporate representative of the Taungurung people. It was established in 2003 to advocate for Taungurung recognition and for land management rights with regard to traditional Country.

TLaWC was given Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) status in 2009, allowing for Taungurung management of cultural heritage across the Taungurung estate which extends from Mt Hotham in the east to Rochester in the north and Kyneton in the south.

We will ensure that our employees and contractors approach the Company’s activities at culturally significant sites with understanding and recognition of the desire of indigenous peoples to fulfil their responsibilities within their traditional culture.

For more information about the traditional owners of the land on which Southern Cross Gold operates, the Taungurung Land and WatersCouncil (TLaWC), please click here.

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SXG and Clonbinane Community Reference Group


Establishment of the Clonbinane Community Reference Group is a significant milestone in building trusting, working relationships and promoting information sharing between SXG and the local community and stakeholders"

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Clonbinane Community Reference Group

The Purpose

The purpose of the Community Reference Group is to provide a forum for discussion between SXG and community representatives and stakeholder groups on issues directly relating to our Sunday Creek exploration activities. While the Community Reference Group is not a decision-making or regulatory body, it provides valuable advisory and consultative assistance to SXG and allows us to keep the community informed about the company’s exploration activities.

In establishing the Community Reference Group, SXG is investing in the future of regional exploration and further enabling community members and stakeholders to seek information from us and provide feedback about exploration or future planning which may assist SXG with the delivery of balanced social, environmental and economic outcomes for the community including:

  • Future project development
  • Implementation of systems to community with the broader community
  • Community concerns about SXG’s activities
  • The resolution of community complaints
  • Any community initiatives.
To follow the Clonbinane Community Reference Group on Facebook, click here.
GoOptions Seymour at SXG mine


Assisting the wonderful staff and volunteers of GO who provide support to those within our community"

proud community partner

GoOptions Seymour (Goulburn Options)


Goulburn Options is a community based not-for-profit organisation, providing a range of support services for people with disability and their carers. They are partly funded by the Department of Health & Human Services and registered to provide a wide range of supports under the NDIS.

Southern Cross Gold has proudly partnered with Goulburn Options to provide the organisation with support to continue to provide facilities and resources for its participants.

Read more about GoOptions Seymour here.

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Taungurung – Welcome to Country

We acknowledge that we are on Taungurung Country.

Wongarrunganyinyu ngalambunganyinu Taungurung biik-duwi.

We hereby express our respect for the Taungurung people, who are the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are based.

Manggi dhumbunganyinu gilbrak gundi Taungurung gulinh ba badjurr yinharrup   daatba biik-dana yindha wubadjelanu-ganyinyu.

We pay our respects to their leaders and Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold forever the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of all Taungurung people.

Wungunganyinu gilbrak naanggiit-dhan ba ngawiit-dhan nhanbu, netbu ba nerdu, gundi marnunhurr dilin ngarrnggamun, marrening, winganggath ba yinda gundi yiyamiyn Taungurung buk.

We express our gratitude for the sharing of this land, our sorrow for the personal, spiritual and cultural costs of that sharing and our hope that we can walk forward together in harmony and the spirit of reconciliation.

Taungurung Land & Waters Council Flag

The Taungurung sovereign flag, designed by Taungurung Elder Loraine Padgham and launched on 7 May 2021, symbolises the reassertion of the identity and pride of the Taungurung people.

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