Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

Environmental monitoring plays a critical role in determining any potential impact SXG has on the surrounding environment.

Air Quality

We regularly sample air quality at key locations adjacent to our exploration activities. The program is designed to determine the effectiveness of control measures and ensures we are compliant with EPA guidelines and to collect background data.


Noise monitoring is conducted on a regular basis using specialised equipment which monitoring and analyses noise data at locations near close neighbouring properties. Noise levels must comply with the thresholds specified by the EPA and associated standards. Noise monitoring comprises a combination of real time (unattended) monitoring and attended noise surveys.


Water monitoring is conducted to identify and assess potential impacts to surface or groundwater near SXG’s exploration activities. SXG undertakes water sampling at designated monitoring locations, including dams, creeks, groundwater bores and drains near where SXG are exploring and these are conducted at regular occurrences or after rainfall events.

SXG are required to report any elevated dust, noise or groundwater monitoring results to the EPA & ERR and must address the causes of any environmental impacts. To date, SXG has not had any reportable environmental events.

SXG is required to submit an Annual Report to ERR which includes:

Environmental Requirements