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Exploration Information

In February 2022, Southern Cross Gold (via Clonbinane Goldfield Pty Ltd) signed a contract to acquire 300 acres of freehold land at the Sunday Creek Project, which was settled in mid 2022.

Watch a video overview (right) of exploration in Victoria from applying for a licence, data collection, community engagement and on ground works equipment.

Minerals Exploration in Victoria 2021

Southern cross gold

Stages of modern exploration

Exploration involves low low impact scientific methods and only sometimes leads to drilling.

Stage of modern exploration diagram

Official Exploration Resources

Victorian Farmers Federation - Land Access

Introduction to Victoria's Mineral Resources Act. A collaboration between the Mineral Council of Australia and the Victorian Farmers Federation.

VFF | Land Access

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VIC Gov -
Earth resources

Discover a wealth of community resources, including tools to assist landholders, courtesy of Earth Resources Regulation (ERR).

VIC GOV | Earth Resources

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Licences near me

Click on the link to explore resource licences throughout Victoria. Easily locate licences or permits in any area of the state by entering an address or clicking on the interactive map.

Licences Near Me

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Mineral council Australia -
minerals exploration

Explore eco-friendly mineral exploration by MCA Victoria: Unveil cutting-edge, low-impact techniques for responsible resource discovery.

MCA | Exploration brochure

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