The Victorian Government holds a substantial rehabilitation bond, minimum of $10,000, over every exploration licence. Exploration activities which disturb the surface of the ground, apart from very low impact activities such as mapping or soil sampling, require separate applications and approvals from Earth Resources Regulation which includes how the land will be rehabilitated.

Strict conditions are applied to all exploration approvals and full rehabilitation is an important requirement for all surface disturbing exploration activities. As part of their assessment for all surface disturbing exploration activities, the rehabilitation bond for the exploration licence is assessed and where necessary adjusted to ensure that the Government holds the full cost of rehabilitation for each application should the company be unable to complete the works. The Government must determine that full rehabilitation has been completed before there habilitation bond is released.

SXG has more than $100,000 of rehabilitation bonds lodged with the Victorian Government to ensure that full and proper rehabilitation of our exploration projects is guaranteed to occur.

ERR require exploration companies to rehabilitate exploration sites in accordance with their Guidelines for environmental management in exploration and mining. Progressive rehabilitation should be undertaken to minimise the total area of disturbance at any one time and should be completed in accordance with the approved work plan, licence conditions and any other requirements as directed by ERR.

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SXG full-time land manager: Johnathan

How did you end up as Southern Cross Gold's Land Manager?

Growing up on King Island, in a very horsey family, gave me an early understanding of land and animal management. Often we helped our neighbours cart and stack hay, bring in crops or go mustering on horseback. My father, who was a diesel engineer, and inventor, used to encourage me to go and work with him on nightshift down at the underground Scheelite mine. (That didn’t help my school grades!). I was fascinated with and wanted to understand the machinery involved, but it also gave me my first glimpse into geology. Post high school, I chose to study Environmental Science and Geology for four years. I also have a Diploma in Horse Management.

Fast forward to 1991, I and my brother bought a property at the end of Clonbinane Road, which we developed into an international competition based equestrian centre, with some cattle as well. Running my own coaching business for 30 years provided me with valuable interpersonal skills.

The idea of sustainable land practices has always been my focus. When I was given the opportunity to join an initiative exploration company, and create a farm enterprise to sustainably manage the land assets, I had to except the challenge!

What do you like most about working at Southern Cross Gold?

I love nature and being in the bush. With Southern Cross Gold, that's my office! Secondly, what makes a great workplace, are caring, professional and passionate people. It’s a very enjoyable workplace because of the environment, the team and of course the locals community of which I have been part of for 30+ years. The variability of my work, working with so many diverse groups of stakeholders is also important to me.

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